i don’t give a fuck if this offends anyone. 

if you have a tumblr and you don’t believe in gay rights, you are going to be slaughtered.

so if you can’t live without tumblr, than don’t mention how you feel about it. and if you can, than please get the fuck out. nobody wants you on here anyways. 

i’m saying this from two points of view, the mother bear in me that doesn’t want you to get slaughtered by thousands of us HOMO kiddies, and also the gay rights activist who doesn’t take your bullshit, ESPECIALLY on here.

do you know how many kids are on here that use tumblr as their haven? if they see anything on here not supporting them, they might lose hope in fucking everything. 

i understand that there are ignorant people where ever you go, but honestly ALL OF TUMBLR is not here for anti-gay. 

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